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Arizona's oldest and most trusted hard money & private money lender. 

A & A History


A & A Funding Corp was founded in 1982 by Hugh Anderson. Hugh at the time had extensive experience in the real estate industry starting in 1970 but created A & A Funding Corp to expand his private money lending services. In 2008, his two sons Wayne and Brad Anderson purchased A & A Funding Corp., making it a multi-generational business. Along the way, the Andersons have kept their passion and pride in their home state front and center. That passion has translated into exceptional services for the clients they serve. Today, all three continue the legacy by providing a variety of lending products.


In their personal lives, Hugh, Wayne, and Brad take great pride in living in Arizona, and each owns multiple real estate properties and proudly lends their own funds in this great state. They recently made the move to North

Scottsdale, in an effort to better serve their clients.


Loan Products Available for:

Commercial Buildings


New Construction Builds



Office Condos

Retail and Warehouses

and Much More


We’ve been a money lender for over 40 years, and we take great care to provide our clients with exceptional service. Our experience aids us in identifying the best opportunities and closing transactions without hassle.



Years of Experience

Loan Programs

We specialize in hard money lending and private money lending throughout Arizona. As a hard money and subprime or “non-prime” lender, we have proudly helped countless clients throughout our 40-year history. With underwriters in house, we quickly close transactions because our lending decisions are streamlined. Whether the funding is coming from in-house or if it’s coming from investors, we do our best to quickly provide the funds our clients need.

Quick Results


Time is of the essence, regardless if you’re a realtor or a borrower. That’s why we do our part to reduce the time it takes to secure funding. Our industry knowledge enables us to get transactions closed fast and secure properties for both residents and investors.

Hard Money Investing With Tradewinds Capital Fund

In addition to A & A Fund Corp., you may also apply to become a member of our investment fund, Tradewinds Capital Fund secured by the very same trust deeds utilized by our hard money arm. Through Tradewinds, we have successfully funded thousands of hard money loans and continue to exist as one of the oldest private money lenders in Arizona.


In-House Underwriting


Fast decision making is never a problem with A & A Funding Corp. We pride ourselves in providing in-house underwriting that makes funding easy.

Friendly Customer Service


Not only do we pride ourselves on offering exceptional underwriting and fast private money lending solutions, but we also care about providing friendly customer service. Whether you have a question about our lending programs or our process, we’re here for you.

Contact A & A Funding Corp To Learn More

Start a conversation with us to see if we are the right private hard money lender for your needs. Together we can secure the funds you need, fast! Give us a call to discuss your funding options today.

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