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  • Can you lend on more than one property?
    Yes – commonly referred to as “Blanket Loans” we have done as many as 30 properties under 1 loan – big cost savings for the borrower
  • Can you lend to a business entity (LLC)?
    Yes, an entity can sign as the borrower on any of our “hard Money” loans. Non-Prime / Sub-prime loans require an individual to sign.
  • Does A&A Funding lend in other states beside Arizona?
    No – we are licensed in AZ only.
  • Can I pay down the principle balance of a loan?
    Up to 3years interest only, or 8 years for amortizing loans ( P+I loans)
  • Do you lend on Raw Land?
    Yes – Residential or Commercial zoned.
  • Do you lend in rural areas like Prescott, Payson or Pine Top?"
  • Do you lend on Mobile Homes?
    Yes – Generally with Hard Money & “Affidvait of Affixture” filed with the county is required.
  • Do your loans have a pre-payment penalty?
    Full-Term loans on primary residence properties will not have any pre-payment penalty. Private / Hard Money loans will have an “Interest Gaurantee” that will drop of after 3-6 payemtns depending on the loan program.

Still have a question?  Call, email, or visit our forums to ask it!

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