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At A&A Funding, we provide multiple loan programs for our clients. Depending on your unique situation, you may be considering a hard money loan or a subprime loan. As a top hard money lender in Arizona, we proudly provide this option to help you secure the funding you need.


Learn More About The Difference Between Hard Money & Subprime Loans

A & A Funding Hard Money & Non-Prime Solutions.

For over 40 years we have offered loans that benefit clients in their specific situation. Learning which option is right for you can feel overwhelming, but we are here to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Property types


  • SFR/Condos/Townhouses

  • Mobile/Mfg.

  • Land/Lots

  • Rural


  • Multi-family

  • Land/Lots - development or raw

  • Extended care

  • Office buildings

  • Office condos

  • Retail  warehouse 

  • Extended care facilities

Borrower Types

  • LLC/Corp borrowers

  • Self-employed borrowers

  • Retired borrowers

  • Co-signers/non-resident co-applicant borrowers

  • Bad/no credit

  • Recent BK

  • Owner Occupied

  • Investor

Loan Types and Scenarios

  • Multi property loans

  • 0-down with collateral equity

  • 0-down with Seller carry 2nd

  • Less than 2 years self-employed

  • Investment property

  • Working Capital

  • Bridge loan 

  • “Lease-to-own” 

  • Sale-Leaseback options

  • Long-term hard money



  • Ground-up

  • Completion with broken priorities

  • Spec/resale

  • Owner/Builder

Close your loan fast.


    Apply online here, over the phone at (602)484-8980, or send us an email at info@aafundcorp.com


    We'll review your loan application and property.


    In some cases get loan approval in as little as 24 hours.


    Funding in as little as 3 days - varies by loan type.

Why Hard Money Loans?

Our hard money loans are better suited for you if you don’t want the hassle of providing all of the documentation typically needed for traditional lending or need an expedited closing on your transaction. Both subprime and hard money loans can still provide funding even if you’ve had foreclosure, short sale, looking for 100 percent financing or have less than perfect credit . 

Unlike subprime loans, hard money loans are most often based on the equity of the property. Whether you are looking for subprime or hard money loans in Phoenix, Arizona, we are the right choice. You can expect a shorter loan term ranging anywhere from 6 to 60 months. However, inquire with us directly to learn more about our terms and the benefits of hard money loans.


  • Fast Funding

    Our hard money loans are perfect for individuals who are simply too busy to spend hours in a banker’s office mulling over paperwork. Hard money loans can often be closed in days, not weeks or months.

  • Business Capital

    Property investors or even those looking for working capital loans, find this type of loan the ideal fit. With flexible loans and relaxed guidelines, you can obtain the cash you need for your business now.

  • Easy to Quality

    In most cases, with A paper lending, hard money loans are much easier to obtain, both logistically and economically. With the right property you can have cash in hand in a matter of days.

  • Quick Decision

    We take pride in giving our clients decisions in a timely manner, so if you’re in need of funds for refinancing a property, our hard money loans could be the right fit. If you’re facing foreclosure or other action against your property, often times if you have equity, you can get funding now, to avoid legal action

  • Great Property

    As a hard money lender in Arizona, we love it when clients approach us with the right type of property for a hard money loan. Inquire with us to see if yours is a good fit. Often the “right” property goes a long way in getting these loans closed fast.

  • Local Underwriting

    With our in-house underwriting is ideal for hard money lending and is what affords us the ability to close loans fast. 

     If you’re looking for fast funding, reliable service, and an all-around deal saver of a loan (the latter if you’re a realtor), then hard money lending is the right choice.

Why Non-Prime Loans?

Our non-prime loans are ideal for individuals with non-traditional proof of income, past credit problems, or a lack of ability to provide evidence of liquid cash reserves.

Depending on your situation, you may be looking for a more flexible payment term. Subprime loans offer that solution while still getting you the funding you need.


  • Not Quite Prime, Not Quite Hard Money

    Subprime loans are typically just outside of A paper, which means they often come with greater interest rates, but still with very flexible guidelines and may be available with certain types of bad marks on your credit. Ours are ideal for individuals in foreclosure or have a deed in lieu. We’ll get you the results you need—fast.  

  • An Alternative to Hard Money

    If you want better interest rates than those that come with hard money loans, then a subprime loan might be the right fit. However, expect stricter guidelines with this type of loan. You’ll need to provide more evidence of income and credit for approval. 


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