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Arizona's Top Hard Money Lender Based in Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona's Direct Hard Money Lender For Over 40 Years.

Over $500,000,000 Funded

At A &A Funding Corp, we make applying for hard money loans hassle-free . Our in-house underwriting team, coupled with over 40 years of experience in private money lending, makes us an easy choice for hard money loans in Arizona. Enjoy fast closing, relaxed guidelines, and dealing with A direct hard money lender when you choose us.

Different Hard Money Loan Options for Arizona's Top Hard Money Lender

Residential real estate loans for both primary residence and investors

Residential real estate loans for both primary residence and investors A & A Funding has a variety of loan programs for owner occupied properties and investment properties, ranging from short term investor loans to long term fully amortized loans for home owners. We also offer non-prime loans for borrowers who qualify but may have credit or income issues. 

Commercial  Loans
Fix 'n' Flip Loans

Short term and long term loans for commercial centers, apartments, medical, office, multi­family and much more. Secure your commercial hard money loan quickly and easily with A & A Funding Corp., now offering SBA loans as well for businesses and commercial properties.

Lots, Land and Construction Loans

Hard money for ground up construction projects including··commercial and residential. Future business or residence, we nave the.·right loan products to suit your needs. We also lend on commercial development projects that haven't broken ground yet. Lot or land 
ground up construction or rehab.

Working Capital or Bridge Loans

Perhaps you’re looking to purchase equipment for your company but don’t want to wait for the bank to approve funding, or maybe you need to purchase a home before selling your current property. If so, you can get the cash you need fast, with a working capital or bridge loan. Borrow against your current building, home, or business, and secure the funding you need today.

Get a Hard Money Loan

If you’re looking for fast hard money loans, or If you've been turned down due to a previous foreclosure or bankruptcy we can help! Our hard money loan process is designed to help you close fast. If you're at risk of losing a property due to bank turn down or foreclosure, we can help save your transaction.  For an easy-to-qualify-for-loan that’s great if you have a high debt to income ratio, difficult proving income, or possible credit difficulties there are loans available.

Loan amounts from $25,000 to $1.5 Million or more in some cases.

Terms from 1-3 Years I/O

5-30 Year Fully Amortized Rate

Loan-to-value up to 80% on hard money or up to 95% on our subprime options.

Rates starting at


8%(hard money)

A & A Funding Corp Logo

Arizona’s Preferred Hard Money & Private Lender

For over 40 years we have been the solution for hard money and private money lending in Phoenix, Arizona. Our reliability, attention to detail, and fair lending practices have made us the number one choice for countless commercial & residential owner occupied hard money loans funded loans in Arizona.


“I would highly recommend A&A Funding for both their product(s) as well as their professionalism and follow thru.”


Direct Hard Money Lender for More Than 40 Years

Who We Are

We are proud to be a local and family owned and operated company. We care about putting our clients in a loan product that is right for their situation. Whether it is a hard money or subprime loan you are looking for, we confident our 40-year history of private lending industry  will have the financing solution.

Why We Offer Lending Solutions

As a company and as a family, we are proud to live in Arizona. We reflect that in our own private investments and in the way we live our lives. We love this state, and we are proud to be a trusted lending partner for our clients. As a company, we also love what we do and find true satisfaction in helping our clients secure the funding they need when they need it. You can count on A & A Funding Corp for a transparent and client-focused experience.

Inquire about hard money or subprime lending.

When you require financing for your commercial, residential, or business needs, reach out to us. We want to be your lending partner.

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